People who think that they’re important: There are people just like you or me that think they are more significant than the average person, when truthfully these people are just self obsessed gits. An example is the sort of person who will sit on the bus or train, in the seat meant for people that […]

Isabelle Kerr’s article is pointless. It undermines itself. she is against modern slang, yet she uses idioms. The English she is using is derived from slang itself. It’s hard not to find a line where she doesn’t undermine herself, like a hide and seek game where there objects are transparent. At the bottom of the […]

Thousands of footsteps are going past every minute. The tip-tapping fills the air. The voices fill the short period of rest in-between each foot hitting the ground. The sounds resonate for metres upon metres of this place and start to merge into each other. Walking down the alleys and paths you can hear snatches of […]

Pg 63 Japanese climbers “To his horror, he had then seen the falling leader jerk and twist and, without a sound, pull his partner into the void.” This quote has two different parts to it. There is a literal part and a figurative which comes after. In this first part Joe is describing what Simon […]

P 58 Premonition ” I had sensed that something would happen without quite understanding what it would be. I didn’t like this irrational theory.” This quote suggest that Joe sensed that Simon would fall over the edge of the mountain before it happened. This in turn makes you think that it is possible that another […]

this chapter takes place after chapter 3 and the event that happened at the end of it. Joe and Simon realise that the descent the have in front of them is going to be hard, and the danger they are in. This is because the accident that had happened previously and the fact that their […]

In this chapter, Joe and Simon are still making their way up the mountain, but closer to the summit than before. It starts off with the two climbers leaving the area where they were sleeping after they packed all the gear into their bags. Joe comments that it is easier than it previously was. Joe […]

chapter 1 : We start off the chapter in Joe simpson’s tent, he describes how once you are in there and it is night time it can feel like are anywhere, the French alps, Scotland or even the karakoram. He also talks about how he feels warm and secure when inside a tent. Joe simpson […]

The poem Do not go gentle into the good night is a poem talking about death, and how you should not give up on life when you are dying. it is also probably about making the most of your life. Iambic pentameter is used in each and every stanza, but only fully for the first […]

Farewell, the son of my right hand and joy; my sin was too much to hope of you, loved boy. Seven years were lent to me, and I pay, demanded by fate, on the day. Oh, how could i lose fatherhood now ! for why will man be sad about the state they should envy […]

“shuffled off this mortal coil” The coil in this quote is referring to the lamps used at the time that hamlet was written. These lamps burned this coil this is used to describe life, each minute that the coil burns could be compared to a year of somebodies life, eventually the lamp will burn out […]